Wonderful Waterfalls Around the World

By Amanda Little

Watching waterfalls tumble into pools or cascade off cliffs is a beautiful sight, and something many people travel the world for! So get on your hiking boots and rain gear, we're going around the world chasing waterfalls and adventure vacation ideas.

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Iguazu Falls • Brazil

Crossing the boarder of Brazil and Argentina, Iguazu Falls are made up of an expanse of hundreds of waterfalls thundering into the Devil's Throat below. This massive chain of waterfalls is awe-inspiring and lies within a national park also spanning both countries, surrounded on all sides by lush green rainforest overflowing with life.

Gocta Cataracts • Peru

Well known to the locals of Peru, the striking Gocta Cataract was hidden from the world until 2005, when Stefan Ziemendorff saw it on an expedition with Peruvian explorers.
Gocta is the 5th tallest waterfall in the world and tumbles through Andean cloudforests near the enormous archaeological complex of Kuelap.

Victoria Falls • Zambia

Known by the locals as mosi-oa-tunya, or "the smoke that thunders", because of the spray that can be seen from miles away, Victoria Falls is truly a stunning natural masterpieces. The Falls stretch out about 5,500 feet across a basalt cliff at its widest point, and water falls about 355 feet. Visitors can walk out across the knife-edge bridge for spectacular views of the main gorge.

Torc Waterfall • Ireland

Ireland is no stranger to beautiful natural scenery, and the Torc Waterfall is best seen after heavy rains, which is often in Ireland. Just a 5 minute walk through the wodds off N71 Killarney Kenmare road will bring you to the beautiful rushing waterfall that tumbles aout 80 feet to the Devil's Punchbowl.
To get a truly spectacular view of the falls, you can climb the 100 steps up the left of the waterfall to the top, and see the waterfall as well as some views of the lakes.

Baatara Falls • Lebanon

The stunning Baatara Falls have many names, like the Balaa Gorge Waterfall, the Baatara Pothole, The Baatara Gorge Sinkhole, and the Cave of Three Bridges, but all refer to the water drifting 837 feet into the hole below, passing by three mossy landbridges weaving around the falls, made of Jurassic limestone. The bridges are untouched, meaning there are no guardrails, and the edges are quite slippery, and the weight of too many people could cause the bridge to collapse, so those venturing out for a photo should be careful.

Hanakapi'ai Falls • Hawaii

Those wishing to witness the beautiful 300 foot waterfall in the heart of Hawaiian wilderness had better prepare for the hard journey. The hike through Na Pali is absolutley glorious, but it is challenging. Steep inclines and declines, muddy puddles, dry and crumbling rock, narrow passageways, little shade and three to five hours worth of hiking are powerful deterrants. But those who are willing to challenge themselves and prove their mettle to the island will be rewarded for their efforts.

Seljalandsfoss • Iceland

While not the tallest or widest, Seljalandsfoss is easily one of the must scenic waterfalls. Dropping 200 feet over steep cliffs and fed by the melting ice of the glacier-capped Eyjafjallajokull volcano, paths run behind the waterfall offering unique and stunning views. Walking behind the falls is not permitted in Winter because of the ice, but those venturing behind it should bring sturdy boots and raingear; you will definitely get wet!

Angel Falls • Venezuela

Stand in awe before the worlds tallest waterfall. Plummetting 3.212 feet from Auyan-tepu into Devil's Canyon, this stunning waterfall finds its home in venezuela's Canaima National Park, which is only accessable by air. Those visiting should be sure to have their vaccinations for yellow fever, and offer up $4 as an entry fee.

Niagara Falls • Canada

And finally, not to be left out of any waterfall line up, is Niagara Falls. Cascading 167 feet and dumping an astounding 1,850,000 gallons of water per second, Niagara Falls is easily the most famous waterfall in North America, and is among the most powerful in the world. With easy access to see this magnificent waterfall, as well as boat rides that take you as close to the crashing water as you can get, Niagara makes for a wonderful tourist attraction and is visited by around 30 million people annually.

Plitvice Falls • Croatia

Pouring 255 feet in the Plitvice Lakes National Park, the Plitvice Falls cascade into 16 crystal clear lakes in a series of waterfalls. Pay a fee of about $30 to enter the park, then take your time and wander through clouds of butterflies that drift along the wooden footbridges that lead around the waters' edge. Boatrides and buses are free within the park, so take advantage of the opportunity to see the breathtaking upper lakes, the shore of the largest lake, Kozjak, and explore the lake that the tallest waterfall in Croatia plummets into. Unfortunately, swimming is not permitted in any of the lakes.

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