Where To Get The Best Fish and Chips in London

By Jessica Russo

Anyone who gives British food a bad rap clearly hasn't tried fish and chips. There's nothing quite like biting into crispy battered fish and chunky chips, then finishing off with a refreshing English ale. It's important, however, not to try fish and chips from any old place. After all, how much fried fish can you eat on one trip?! You want your one or two chippie experiences to be the best examples of England's iconic meal. Check out our favorite spots in London to be assured that you're gettin' the real deal.

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In business since 1952, owner Pat "Pop" Newland serves up some of the best fish and chips in the city. This award-winning classic chippie spot is so good that it deserves three locations. While you're waiting for your mouthwatering fish to fry up, be sure to check out the cool collection of 1950s memorabilia on the walls.

Kerbisher & Malt

This local favorite is where trendiness meets authenticity. Once you're done taking Insta photos of the shop's chic interior, chow down on golden fish and chips! Award-winning Kerbisher & Malt uses sustainably sourced ingredients and cooks up each meal to order. Dip your crunchy, salty chips into one of their homemade sauces and kick back with a pint of the in-house Kerbisher pale ale!

Sutton & Sons

This place has it all - a rustic-chic atmosphere, friendly service, and the freshest seafood imaginable. After all, owner Daniel Sutton also has a finshmongers in the area, so you can always expect tip-top quality at Sutton & Sons. In addition to just fish and chips, this chippie haven offers a range of other items, like homemade pickles, sticky toffee pudding, grilled seafood options, and interesting specials.

The Fish House of Notting Hill

Just steps from the pretty pastel houses of Portobello Road, The Fish House of Notting Hill is the perfect place for lunch during a day of antiquing and market perusing. This quaint little chippie spot is as cute as it is tasty. Think: English tea house meets traditional fish and chip joint.


Although Toff's is a bit of a hike from central London, no list of great fish and chipperies would be complete without this award-winning classic. Toff's may be out of the way, but the constant wait for tables would lead you to think otherwise (yes, the battered goodness is really worth the wait). This charming family-run restaurant is a staple in the London fish and chip game.

Rock & Sole Plaice

Just a stone's throw from Covent Garden, this famous hot spot is a favorite among both locals and tourists. the Rock & Sole Plaice serves up fresh seafood using their 145-year-old recipe! In the winter, cozy up inside and devour a mouthwatering plate of crispy fish and chips. If you're dining during the summer, however, people watch as you nosh from the lovely outdoor seating area!

The Golden Hind

Serving London since 1914, this beloved restaurant is a local go-to for good fish and chips. Located in the heart of Marylebone, between Hyde Park and Regent's Park, The Golden Hind is the perfect spot to fuel up while sightseeing. Oh, and here's another little handy secret: it's BYOB!

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