Travel to the Loire Valley in France

Immersing yourself in the Loire Valley is like stepping back in time to the Renaissance, to a time when when the Kings of France built magnificent chateaus along the Loire River.

Turn back a page of French history and meander from Chateaus dotted throughout the Loire Valley for the ultimate travel journey.

Charming Villages

Small towns, big personality.

Along the Loire Valley, the cobblestone towns of Blois and Amboise have kept the charm dating back to hundreds of years when the monarchs of the French golden era reigned. These towns do not have the trappings of tourism and are very authentic. Wander the streets, enjoy freshly baked croissants and Café au lait or sweet crepes with local jams or even warm chocolate Nutella!
Be sure to stay close to Amboise as well, so you can enjoy visiting another amazing castle, the Chateau d'Amboise.

Chateaus & More

Visit the gardens!

The gardens of the valley’s French Chateaus were designed in an expansive layout that are beautiful to walk through. Take some time to sit on the benches and just admire the workmanship of France’s best landscape architects. Learn how the Renaissance influenced the designs of both architecture and gardens.

Chateau de Blois

Beauty and history.

Our favorite chateau in Loire Valley is Chateau de Blois, which is located in the town of Blois. Home to only 45,000 people, the relaxed atmosphere of country French village life surrounds you as the overwhelming size of Chateau de Blois memorizes. Learn why Joan of Arc visited this royal chateau, see where King Louis XII was born in Blois in 1462 and discover what made him choose Blois as the royal capital during his reign 17 year reign until 1515! You will be enthralled at the recreations of daily lives of French nobility while touring the 564 rooms!

Travel in Style

Escorted or self-drive? The choice is yours.

With escorted vacations from Great Value Vacations, you can travel to the Loire Valley in comfort and style on board a first class air-conditioned motor coach. While in transit, share some of those photographs on our Facebook page and brighten up your family and friends day by sharing photographs with them of your travels to Loire Valley. No doubt you’ll receive excited return emails wishing you well and thanking you for sharing your travel experiences with them.

Travel from the Loire Valley

From the Loire Valley, there is a scenic drive through several national parks towards Limoges en route to the famous Burgundy wine region. For those travelers to Lyon, the A71 and A89 motorway to Lyon is a very easy drive that can be reached at a leisurely speed in 4 hours. After reaching Lyon, the the popular papal town of Avignon and Aix en Provence are connected by the A7 motorway. From your wonderful vacation in the Loire Valley, driving to the South of France is a pleasure as France has some of the best roads in Europe.

Travel to Loire Valley today!

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