Travel to Rome in Italy

Visiting Rome on your travels to Italy requires little encouragement. With so much to see and do in Rome, the choices are endless. We have a few recommendations for how you can uniquely experience the Eternal City.

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The Roman Forum

At its peak, Ancient Rome had over 1 million inhabitants.

Walking the Roman Forum at dawn is a great way to avoid the afternoon crowds. Gazing up at the marble columns and stone facades of the Roman Forum ruins at daybreak is the perfect way transport back in time to Ancient Rome. Close your eyes momentarily and visualize the Ancient Roman’s attending to civic duties of governing the Roman Empire, debating in the Senate, worshipping at shrines, the sounds of the market and applause in the live open theater. Imagine walking the streets where Roman Emperors like Julius Caesar lived their daily lives.

The Colosseum

The largest amphitheater also known as the Flavian Amphitheater.

As you stroll to the end of the Roman Forum, the curvature of the Colosseum will take your breath away. The sheer size and preservation of this amphitheater gives travelers a very tactile feel of the sophisticated life of Ancient Romans. Imagine 50,000 people screaming while gladiators are fighting for their lives! Today it is still the largest amphitheater of the Roman Empire!

Vatican City

The Vatican is the world’s smallest sovereign state.

Travel to Rome is not complete without walking through and seeing the Vatican’s priceless art and Michelangelo’s painted ceiling inside the Sistine Chapel. Admiring St. Peter’s Square from both inside the church and outside is something special to behold. The magnificence of the Vatican and its collected riches dating back thousands of years makes this Rome’s most visited venue.

Italian Cuisine

Get ready for some mouth-watering flavors!

Anyone for pizza? After you’ve wished upon a coin into Trevi Fountain and counted the 139 Spanish Steps, head to Piazza Navona! This piazza with beautiful water fountains has a wonderful array of restaurants with some of Rome’s best pizzerias.

Traveling from Rome?

The Eternal City will inspire you to learn more about the early settlements of the Roman Empire. The famous city of Pompeii buried under ash in AD 79 following a volcano eruption is 2.5 hour drive south of Rome. For pizza lovers, an authentic Neapolitan pizza made with San Marzano tomatoes from nearby Naples awaits. Walking around Rome and Pompeii can be tiring so relax on the Amalfi Coast and discover quaint local villages. Secluded beaches and clear blue aqua waters await you in trendy Positano and Sorrento. The ultimate relaxation at the end of your vacation in Italy is enjoying local wines and freshly caught seafood dishes in small trattorias overlooking the rocky and stunning coastline of Amalfi.

Travel to Rome and you will find awe-inspiring architecture, fascinating history, and delicious cuisine.

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