The Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Paris

By Jessica Russo

Ah, Paris - the world capital of high-end cuisine. It's safe to say that the Parisian dining scene is unlike any other in the world. From award-winning restaurants with sumptuous interiors to artsy bistros with innovative twists, this foodie city is filled with renowned restaurants.

Since a trip to Paris is (almost) all about the food, why not go for the crème de la crème? Pack a sportcoat and prepare your palate! Don't miss out on these once-in-a-lifetime fine dining experiences.

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Photo by Instagram user @fe.hadiutomo

Le Meurice

228 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris
Another Alain Ducasse masterpiece, this stunning two-Michelin-star restaurant is pure perfection. Inspired by the Palace of Versailles, the lavish interior of Le Meurice will make you feel like royalty. Enjoy innovative cuisine and incredible wine at this unrivaled Paris gem.

Dress Code: Jacket required


4-20 Rue Grégoire de Tours, 75006 Paris
Looking for a fine dining experience without all the glitz and glam? This beloved bistro takes its guests on an amazing culinary journey while leaving the pretentious atmosphere behind. Nestled on a small street near Boulevard St. Germain, CĂ©zembre boasts unforgettable food and picture-perfect plating.

Dress Code: None!

Pro tip: Even though some fine diningrestaurants may not explicitly require a jacket, Paris is a dressy city. More likely than not, most men will be wearing jackets. Just like your mom told you, it's always better to be overdressed than underdressed!

Photo by Instagram user @londontastin


84 Rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris
Having earned three Michelin stars, Arpège is a French culinary jewel. Chef-owner Alain Passard still cooks at his restaurant daily, and uses ingredients from his own biodynamic farms! His vegetables are famously known to "never see the inside of a refrigerator," and the freshness of his veggie-centric dishes deliciously reflect that.

Dress Code: Dressy

Pavillon LeDoyen

8 Avenue Dutuit, 75008 Paris
Nestled in the beautiful gardens in the eastern area of the Champs-Élysées, this historic restaurant promises an exceptional experience. Boasting three Michelin stars, this Parisian culinary institution is as sophisticated as it is delicious. Yannick Alléno masters a new spin on haute cuisine, creating contemporary yet classic French innovation.

Dress Code: Jacket required

Photo by Instagram user @linda_yunus

Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée

25 Avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris
This award-winning three Michelin star restaurant is worth a special trip. World-renowned chef Alain Ducasse delivers outstanding cuisine using healthy, locally sourced ingredients. At this restaurant, Ducasse beautifully displays the art of nature and focuses on an experience that is elegant and luxurious, while also being sustainable and eco-friendly.

Dress Code: Jacket required, tie suggested


9 Place des Vosges, 75004 Paris
Ambrosia was the food of the gods on Mount Olympus, and the food at Bernard Pacaud's L'Ambrosisie reaches similar heights. This three Michelin star restaurant marries vibrant flavors and artistic plating. Nestled in a sophisticated townhouse on Place des Vosges, L'Ambroisie drips with class and elegance.

Dress Code: Formal. Jacket and tie required.

Photo by Instagram user @luxury_restaurantss

Pierre Gagnaire

6 Rue Balzac, 75008 Paris
Prepare yourself for an unforgettable culinary journey at Pierre Gagnaire's three Michelin star restaurant. While the decor is contemporary and simple, the cuisine juxtaposes that as it employs unique flavors and inventive combinations.

Dress Code: Jacket and tie suggested

Le Pré Catelan

Bois de Boulogne, 75016 Paris
Tucked away in the Bois de Boulogne, this three Michelin star restaurant is the epitome of French elegance. Opened in 1856, Le Pré Catelan has been holding the bar for fine cuisine in Paris. This stunning restaurant is set in a historic house and is regally decorated to make you feel as if you're dining in a palace's state room. Chef Frédéric Anton describes his cuisine as "complex without being complicated." Each dish is a feast for the eyes, as well as the appetite.

Dress Code: Jacket required

Photo by Instagram user @guysavoy

Guy Savoy

Monnaie de Paris, 11 Quai de Conti, 75006 Paris
Think: classy museum setting with cuisine which is artistic in look and taste. Guy Savoy's Paris restaurant is a favorite among fine dining foodies. With impeccable service, food layered with flavor, and handsome decor, it is no surprise this restaurant has earned itself three Michelin stars.

Dress Code: Jacket required

Le Grand VĂ©four

17 Rue de Beaujolais, 75001 Paris
At this two Michaelin star restaurant, you won't know whether to focus more on the decor or on the food. As you indulge in decadent, perfectly crafted dishes, admire the sheer grandeur of gilded moldings, crystal chandeliers, and walls of paintings that surround you. This ornate 18th-century restaurant is all about color, shape, and texture. Chef Guy Martin prepares plates like an artist, as both presentation and innovation are exquisite.

Dress Code: Jacket required, tie suggested

Photo by Instagram user @julienalvarezofficial

Epicure at Le Bristol

112 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris
Dripping with 18th-century glamour, Epicure is a temple of French gastronomy. Enjoy dishes like chef Eric Frechon's signature macaroni stuffed with black truffle, artichoke, and duck foie gras. While Epicure holds the maximum of three Michelin stars, it deserves many more. In addition to its prestigious Michelin status, Epicure won the "Grand Award" in Wine Spectator's 2018 Awards for the third consecutive year. Savor the flavors of rich cuisine as you dine in an opulent room overlooking a well-manicured garden - or dine in the garden during warm months!

Dress Code: Business casual, suit jacket required

Photo by Instagram user @brandieraasch

Le Gabriel

42 Avenue Gabriel, 75008 Paris
Just off the Jardins des Champs-Élysées, this two Michelin star restaurant is a hot spot for posh sophistication. Adorned with gold walls, an ornate ceiling, and Versaille wooden floors, Le Gabriel is a masterpiece of fine dining. Chef Jérôme Banctel creates exquisite dishes which exude classic French tradition with a dash of Asian influence.

Dress Code: Dressy


25 Rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris
Looking for a fine dining experience that won't break the bank? This cozy yet chic restaurant is oozing with Parisian charm. Boutary's Japanese-Korean chef executes striking dishes which pop with flavor and utilize fresh, unique ingredients.

Dress Code: Business Casual

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