9 Photos of the Dolomites That Will Make You Pack Your Bags

By Jessica Russo

The Dolowhat? If you've never heard of the Dolomites, you're not alone. Tucked away in the northern Italian Alps, this mountain range in South Tyrol boasts jaw-dropping scenery, amazing hiking paths, colorful villages, and crystal clear alpine lakes. Whether you're a lover of the outdoors or one who travels for culture, food, and wine, the Dolomites area should top your travel bucket list. These photos will do for now, but there's nothin' like the real thing.

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Rowing a boat through Pragser Wildsee is like floating through a postcard. The best part? The calmness of this lake allows you to take some seriously cool Insta photos as you sail.

South Tyrol and the Dolomites are home to tons of wildlife, including sheep, deer, owls, and these friendly neighbors.

The colorful towns surrounding the Dolomites may feel more like Disney World than real life. Vipiteno is only one example of many storybook South Tyrol towns, lined with old pastel-colored buildings which are now converted into shops, hotels, and restaurants.

Did someone say ski season? The Dolomites range only gets better in the snow. Not sure where to go in the winter? South Tyrol bursts to life in the wintry months, with vibrant holiday markets and cozy lodges in nearby villages. And yes, we promise the Grinch isn't hiding up in those peaks.

The Dolomite range is synonymous with adventure. The hilly, aromatic alpine roads make incredible biking paths! And, if you ask me, a little exercise means a little more gnocchi and ravioli come dinner time. I believe "carbo-load" is the correct term...

Imagine waking up to this? Birds peacefully chirping, water softly trickling, and the fresh scent of pine trees suffusing through the air. Ahhh. Inhale, exhale.

One of the most popular vacation towns in South Tyrol, Ortisei is the perfect village to call your home away from home. Whether you visit in the heart of summer or peak ski season, this resort hub is always buzzin'.

If you're thinking, "that looks like a scene from The Sound of Music," you're not wrong. In fact, the Dolomites are located on the border of Austria, where much of the classic movie was filmed! Because Austria's just a hop, skip, and jump away, you'll notice lots of Austrian influcence in the food and architecture in South Tyrol's villages.

Tons of lakes means tons to see. These blue-green gems pop up all over South Tyrol! The most-visited are: Pragser Wildsee, Lake Misurina, Toblacher See, Lago Sorapis, Karersee, Dürrensee, and Lake Molveno.

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